Green Economy Council

logo-consiglio-finaleSince 2013 Planet Life Economy Foundation is a member of the National Council of the Green Economy, consultative structure of the Ministries of Environment and Economic Development, and participates in the General States of the Green Economy, the open and participated process of strategic and programmatic development involving the main stakeholders Italian green economy.


The General States are promoted by the National Council of the green economy, assembled by more than 60 business organizations, and have the ambition to promote a reorientation of the Italian economy towards a green economy, to open new opportunities for lasting and sustainable development and indicate the way out of the economic and climate crisis.


The initiative, launched in 2012, has become a reference point for thousands of companies and involved between 2012 and 2013 more than 4.000 stakeholders.


The goal of the General States is to develop, through the method of participated processing, a programmatic platform for the development of a green economy in Italy through the analysis of positive potentials, obstacles, as well as policies and measures required to improve ecological quality of the strategic sectors.


The process of participated drafting takes place during the entire year through activities of different working groups engaged in strategic sectors of the green economy. This entire process sees its conclusion, every year, in a major public event lasting two days at Rimini Fiera during Ecomondo-Key Energy-Cooperambiente.


Currently there are eight working groups and PLEF is the only member to have a contact person for each working group:
1. Eco-innovation and start-up: Federica Angelantoni,
2. Natural capital and non-financial accounting: Emanuele Plata,
3. Energy and climate: Carlo Federici,
4. Agriculture and food: Luigi Scognamiglio,
5.Management and protection of water and hydrogeological instability: Roberto Mazzini,
6. Materials, waste and circular economy: Piero Cardile,
7. Sustainable mobility and smart cities: Davide Giancarlini,
8. European Funds: Filippo Barberis.