Planet Life Economy Communication Appraisal Model


It’s a tool for evaluating advertising campaigns oriented to ensure the effectiveness of the investments. The instrument exclusive and original PLEF also considers the requirements of ethics and sustainability of the analyzed message. The advertising campaigns are evaluated by a panel of evaluators specializing in Global Communication.



With this tool you can understand not only the overall effectiveness, but also the individual strengths and weaknesses of the advertising message. It consists of about 20 specific questions, clustered around four basic topics:

A. Overall evaluation of the message,
B. Effective communication,
C. Quality formal,
D. Ethical and Sustainability.

The model can be used for any advertising message, tabular (press, posters, flyers, etc.) and audiovisual (radio, television, film, etc.).



PLECAM will appeal to all those that advertise their products / services.



• The company is able to determine the true effectiveness of its communication and the proper return on investment.
• The company is aware of the strengths and weaknesses of the message, analyzed for each component and for macro aggregations.