Planet Life Economy Consumer Awareness Survey

This is an original, exclusive research tool developed by PLEF in tandem with HM Harvest Marketing, which facilitates zeroing in on the point of view and expectations of the larger public, with regard to the concept and content of Sustainability, and to keep abreast of how this changes over time. It is a research model that permits a company’s goals to evolve in the direction of the pragmatic expectations that its clients hold with regard to its products and brand. It helps to intersect their requests as accurately as possible.



This research is carried out via web interviews of representative segments of the population,–selected according to a range of social and demographic parameters—and focuses on the main themes of Sustainability, with approximately thirty questions for each theme.

  • Principles and behavior of the company itself
  • Principles and behavior with regard to its products
  • Principles and behavior with regard to its brand

For each aspect/question the public will be asked its opinion, (and its familiarity) in terms of:

  • The degree of importance it holds
  • The degree of implementation on the part of the company
  • The kind of products/companies for which the implementation of that aspect is most necessary
  • The products/companies that are most active in the implementation of this aspect, (individual feedback)

Those interviewed will also be requested to:

  • Create a ranking in terms of importance from a list of ca. 20 aspects that PLEF has defined as critical to the theme of sustainability.
  • Indicate the degree to which they are will to pay a higher price that fulfills these criteria

The research is structured in several units:

  • BASIC UNIT: to determine the ‘landscape’ and state of the art in which all of the companies operate to furnish a comparable product
  • IN DEPTH UNITS: are intended for those companies who wish to have a clear idea of their own company image, in regard to the themes of sustainability, and zero in on their specific products and brand in order to determine what changes of approach may be necessary. They will thus be able to compare their ‘ranking’ with other companies in their sector.

For whom is it intended:

PLECAS is geared toward management, directors and consultants of large companies and multinationals—and as well for small and medium sized companies—who are aiming for a knowledgeable evolution of the public’s perception of the issues of Sustainability, as applicable to their own company, both in relative (competitive advantage) and absolute terms.



The company becomes aware of its present position in the scale of Sustainability, both in strategic and competitive terms at present, and for forecasting its future.

The company can identify its strong points and weaknesses, and determine what action is needed to strengthen or correct them.