«…In this world facing an epochal paradigm shift in which traditional economic and social models show signs of decay it is important to be able to indicate the high road to reach a renewed global economy, capable to guarantee a durable well-being of both companies and communities. On one side, it is necessary to identify the practical and logistic ways to evolve, on the other it is fundamental to interpret correctly the changing lifestyles and habits of people oriented towards a better life quality and low environmental impact.


PLEF Academy is a project developed by the Onlus Planet Life Economy Foundation with the aim to better understand the evolutionary phases of the ongoing paradigm shift that will bring benefits to all companies, public institutions and young people that enter the labour market. In this way, it will be possible for everybody to take advantage of this change, from a strategic and competitive points of view, and to create a substantial increase of Shared Value and overall well-being.


By integrating the principles underlying natural laws with the management experience of the Foundation’s Members, a new sustainable economic paradigm emerges, able to overcome the collapse point already forecasted in 1972 by the Club of Rome. In this way, the tangibles and intangibles will find that structural equilibrium able to orient companies, finance, public administration and all citizens towards a new vision of society and of the market so to evolve the company’s culture, without being against it …».


Paolo Ricotti
Founder of Planet Life Economy Foundation



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