Self Diagnosis for Individuals


The Well Being Self Diagnosis questionnaire is a short test focused on the habits and life styles of each of us as individuals. It provides for whomever answers the questions contained therein, a first approach to the themes of Sustainability, as a prelude to going into the subject matter, which not everyone is familiar with, in greater depth.

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Self Diagnosis for Companies

The questionnaire, Simplified Self Diagnosis, is a tool for the initial analysis of a company’s management goals, seen through the lens of the principles of Sustainable Development, in accordance with Planet Life Economy Foundation’s vision.

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The function of this tool is to evaluate as objectively as possible the present state of the Chain of Compatible Value (CVC) of a company or industry, in order to define the specific practical actions to undertake to improve the overall level of value created by the company, in the context of the sustainable development of its activities.

The questionnaire consists of 150 questions, whose answered are calculated and weighted to identify immediately the level of sustainability it has reached in seven critical areas. This will allow it to determine the path to follow, to obtain the greatest relationship between costs and benefits.

Who is the questionnaire directed toward

PLESIS is aimed at management, directors and consultants of small to medium sized companies,– but also large corporations and multinationals—who are focused on the responsible evolution of their respective industries.

This questionnaire has also been developed in a version for the banking sector, and a further version can be adapted for sectors of Public Administration.

Results Obtained

The company will be cognizant of its present position in regard to all of the themes of sustainability, not only environmental and social but in terms of strategy and competitiveness.

The company will be able to identify actions to undertake that can bring immediate economic benefits without further investment. Along with that it can select medium terms investments with a high return, and in addition long term investments that consolidate the sustainability of the company as a whole.