Vision is a management training tool for strategic and competitive planning, geared toward those companies who wish to implement change that is coherent with the principles of Sustainable development and Planomìa. Our Foundation has developed this original course to demonstrate how it is possible to integrate fully sustainable principles in a company without increasing costs or management complexity, and at the same time raise the added value and the loyalty of one’s clients and customers.


The course describes in depth the main themes of Sustainability, seen as a valuable strategic factor with which to face the challenge of our present economic crisis. This can be done concurrently with the necessary objective of increasing profit and maximizing a company’s internal activities and culture.

It takes a close look at the evolution of economic cycles, of clients’ needs and of management techniques. It will point the way to practical means to increase the added value of a product, without increasing production costs and logistic difficulties. Through the course it is possible to determine what benefits can be obtained immediately without additional investment, what benefits can be obtained in the longer term by investments compensated by savings in other areas, and what longer term modifications can be undertaken to interface one’s products or services with the evolution of a client’s needs.

This course does not deal with those areas of environmentalism, and corporate social responsibility, environmental impact or life cycle analysis that have already had enormous exposure elsewhere in other academic disciplines. While those aspects are exceedingly important they do not solve the problem of the competition and the evolving present and future of the market, in the manner that VISION lays out.

The course lasts for one full day, half of which is dedicated to an in depth study of a strategic and competitive approach, the other half to specific case studies. VISION represents an efficacious management training tool, because it is straightforward, and immediately applicable within a company’s present structure, regardless of the company’s size or the category of the product that it produces.

Who is the course directed toward

VISION is aimed at top management, directors and consultants of medium to large industries, including multinationals, who are aiming for a responsible, ethical evolution of their organizations to be carried out without traumatic upheavals.

Results obtained

The company will be able to fully grasp why Sustainability will guide the economic course of the future.

The company will be able to implement a short term, medium term and/or long term strategy taking into account the evolution of the market and the needs of its client base.

The company will learn how to act in the most straightforward manner, to assure itself a driection and results that it can implement immediately.