Planet Life Economy Foundation Advisory System

This is a specialized consultancy service, based on the knowhow and tools developed by the Foundation over the years. It is carried out by our own professional team and the organizations we have paired with.


Starting from the principles of the new economic paradigm laid out by PLEF, and making use of those tools and service that have been developed by the Foundation for companies and industry, this PLEFAS initiative foresees an ad-hoc project (of consultants, tools, a time frame and intervention) structured for the needs of the specific client.

It is possible to offer specialized consultancy in a wide range of activity that include: construction, architecture, tourism, infrastructure, transport, agriculture and food production, and packaging.

The specific competencies that the team will make use of are linked to the following sectors of a company: strategy, marketing, communication, logistics and supply chain, administration, finance, certification, human resources, and ethics.

The interventions of PLEFAS are coordinated by Dr. Emanuele Plata, the President of PLEF.

Distinguishing Characteristics

Our humility with regard to what we know, and our simplicity and pragmatism in regard to what we do, derived from our structure as a non-profit organization.

For whom is it intended:

PLEFAS is aimed at all of those companies, whether or not they are members of the Foundation, who wish to embark upon a Sustainable ‘highway’ in one or more of their company’s sectors, for which they require highly specialized technical support.


The company is provided with a complete and specialized team that follows it step by step as it implements its objectives of Sustainability.

Our Consultants

Here is the list of the associates who are Plef’s professional consultants.