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As natural consequence of the work realised so far, the UPPT Association, with the support of PLEF, developed a project of zero tolerance against food waste involving the Brescia province.
The project involves all the entities that operate on a daily basis in the agri-food sector, considering the entire supply chain. The final objective is to create a virtuous urban model to serve as example to be applied to other cities, districts and provinces of the national territory.


In detail, the project wants to sensibilise on issues connected to sustainable nutrition, food waste and home economics with the aim to involve citizens of all ages to support new purchasing habits by promoting new awareness and information. This project is composed by different initiatives with reference to the public to which they are addressed.


In parallel, the project “zero tolerance in Brescia” integrates the informing sessions organised by UPPT with the collecting activities of the unsold products and the initiatives to reduce food waste that other companies/associations already carry out on the territory, in order to make the actions more effective.


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