Ivory Coast


Private networking and fundraising activities to help the population of the Ivory Coast, in particular the Daloa and Issia communities.


Have a look to the Project report (italian version)


Steps completed:

  1. Charity Gala organised by PLEF on 12 June 2014 at Ca’ Granda in Milan.
  2. Collection of educational-recreational material for the primary school of Issia.
  3. Shipping of the material via container.
  4. Fundraising for the rebuilding of the roof of the primary school of Issia, damaged by a violent storm.
  5. Fundraising for the building of new public toilettes.


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To support the project, go to the webpage http://www.plef.org/sostienici/ and follow the instructions, specifying “progetto Costa d’Avorio” as object of the contribution.


To have more information, write to info@plef.org.