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EUROSEN” is a project on senior turism (over 55) co-financed by the European Union that involves five countries: Austria, Belgium, Italy, Romania and Slovenia. PLEF is Project Representative and the other partners involved thanks to our PLEF’s member Domenico Bearzatto (project manager) are:


  • Austria:WERFENWEG, a district belonging to the Alpine Pearls, a group of 25 alpine localities from 6 different nations that collaborate to offer transportation means alternative to cars.
  • Belgium: AGE Platform Europe, European network composed by 150 organisations and people over 55 years involving more than 40 million elderly people in Europe.
  • Italia:
    • ANCESCAO – National Association Social Centres, Elderly Committees and Vegetable Gardens.
    • CaR–Calabria Region.
    • VIAGGI ERBACCI– tour operator associated to PLEF that developed a touristic package.
  • Romania: INCDT, National Institute of Research for tourist development.
  • Slovenia:LILL, Consulting company for touristic services in Ljubljana.


The project, that has been developed following the experience of the Onmest2 project on sustainable tourist in the Mediterranean (presented in EXPO 2015 by PLEF) wants to incentivize low season senior tourism to promote a cultural and socialising tourism.


For more information on the itineraries and activities, check the website: