Green Retail Forum


Il The Green Retail Forum, a PLEF and NDB-il Marketing Consapevole idea, was born in 2011 with the objective to facilitate the dialogue between large scale retailer channels and the sustainable innovation world with the aim to promote sustainable access to consumer goods.



The Green Retail Forum & Expo is a one/two-days event in which different national and international green retailers are involved, under the original partition created by PLEF:

♣ Green

    green retailers (GDO e GDS);


    different retail forms (Bio-Eco-Unpackaged, Fair Trade);

Super Green

    alternative options to retail (Self-production; Sharing solutions).


The Forum is also addressed to:

suppliers of sustainable products or services


institutions, associations involved in sustainability, green retail and local governance


citizens, consumers and professionals



This year, the Green Retail Forum reached the 6th edition with the aim to discuss the urgent issue of TRANSPARENT SUPPLY CHAIN AND INFORMED PURCHAISING CHOICES.


  • Transparency can be considered as a marketing instrument and, at the same time, to inform the consumer-actor?
  • Technologies for traceability and in-store marketing are effective instruments to communicate in a transparent way?
  • What is the influence of nutritional balance, the origin of raw materials, the environmental and social footprint on consumers’ choices?


To promote sustainability of consumers’ goods means to answer to these and other questions concerning the “transparency and aware consumption choices”.


For more information on the programme and other information on this initiative, check the website: