Il senso ritrovato


The theme of EXPO 2015 “Feeding the Planet, Energy for life” asked for a new awareness. With the Rediscovered Sense, PLEF contributed to spread the message that a paradigm shift is possible if each one of us rediscover the sense and meaning of everyday actions in order to restore the equilibrium between the material, today overestimated, and the immaterial part of life.


Thanks to the support of 5 companies associated with our delegation in Emilia Romagna and distinguished by a clear sustainable positioning, PLEF presented in Cascina Triulza, Civil society Pavilion in EXPO 2015, a cultural programme developed with other 12 no-profit organisations members of PLEF that, with conferences, seminaries, laboratories, theatre performances and concerts, shared their experiences and their sustainable vision of economy, communities, health, work, peace, tourism, philately up to the micro finance and the new business community.


A dense programme based on 2 monthly meetings during the entire semester (see the full program). A point of contact with cities and cultures from all over the world: from Europe to East, passing through Africa, but also posing high attention to our country. The symbol of the ball of wool used to represent the “Rediscovered Sense”, unified the five companies, PLEF Members, located in Emilia Romagna (Curti, Stafer, Gruppo Erbacci, Mpr e Zerocento) that made this project possible. Their histories are connected thanks to the ancient values linked to the local territory in which they operate and, in the PLEF booth, has been possible to know their vision of sustainable companies: to grow relations with communities and to respect the environment in order to create shared value.


The many different speakers who joined the programme included well-known guests; to better understand the cultural relevance of the initiative, we propose a quick taste of the events that took place during the entire semester.


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