Associazione-RondineRONDINE Citadel of peace is PLEF twinning member. In March 2016, when the experience of the Fourth Year Rondine, conducted in the village of Rondine (Arezzo) started, PLEF was invited to conduct a speech on its own VISION of Sustainable Economy. The feedback of students to the contents of this new economic model, committed to build durable value for companies and durable well-being for local communities within the limits of environmental social and economic sustainability stimulated on one side some students to continue the relationship with PLEF in order to formalize their ideas on entrepreneurial activity with territorial implications. On the other side, considering the relevance of PLEF themes with reference to the scholastic program of the Fourth Year Rondine, the Institution (Rondine Association) which organized the project decided to systematize this meeting in addition to the scholastic program of the Fourth Year Rondine, under the MIUR guidelines.


From these considerations, the project “SUSTAINABLE ECONOMY FOR THE FOURTH YEAR RONDINE” is born, with the aim to endow students with three specific opportunities for a sustainable future:


a) A driven self-evaluation of their professional vocations;
b) A methodological analysis of their territory of origin in order to detect peculiarities;
c) The development of a pilot program based on an entrepreneurial project which relied on individual vocations and territorial peculiarities.