Our Foundation

Planet Life Economy Foundation, (Onlus)logo-(plef+completo)

is a nonprofit foundation whose goal is to give a pragmatic shape to the principles of Sustainability, so as to facilitate their inclusion in all the dynamics of a company’s management (strategy, competitive advantage, added value, finances, production processes, while addressing the actual expectations of citizens and consumers: their quality of life, emotion, pleasure, enjoyment.)


PLEF is an advocate for the enactment of a new economic and social model that will create real value (both economic, social, human and environmental) that bypasses the polarization between ‘growth’ and ‘reduction.’


LOGO-consiglio_defFrom 2013 PLEF is member of National Council of Green Economy, consultative structure of Ministry of the Environment and Economic Development.







The Foundation addresses the world of industry, commerce and communication, including all of the stakeholders allied with these sectors,–public institutions and administrations, non-governmental organizations, research institutes and universities. However the fulcrum which gives leverage to the ideas and activities of PLEF is the individual citizen, with his/her needs, dreams, life style and participatory joy.




The Foundation was incorporated in 2003 by a group of Italian managers and entrepreneurs, to develop sustainable projects, processes and products, while creating a community of experience and synergy among its associates. An enterprise’s culture/values, and its communication with its public/end users are the main themes of its activity. This distinguishes it from those associations that deal mainly with Corporate Social Responsibility. The Foundation has many partnerships and pairings with public and private institutions, universities and organizations.

*“Sustainable Development is that which is able to guarantee present day needs, without compromising those of future generations.” Bruntland Commission 1987