The Goals and Mission of Planet Life Economy Foundation


our Goals

  • To join together both the guiding principles and the ensuing actions of Planomìa* in a coordinated approach that interweaves both innovative concepts with experience, and encourages dialogue between the academic world, researchers, entrepreneurs, management, communication experts, political analysts, journalists and citizens.
  • To contribute to the evolution of today’s social-economic model in the direction of full sustainability, by developing applications, analytic tools and mechanisms that involve all of the stakeholders.

our Mission

  • To construct a solid scientific and cultural foundation on which to build a more sustainable and up to date approach to industrial development.
  • To lay out an approach to problem solving at whose central core are the resources of the planet: its people and its environment.
  • To shift the current business strategy toward Planomìa.
  • To encourage consumers to choose products and services that are compatible with sustainability.

our Actions

  • Specialized training regarding the strategies and approach of a sustainable industry. Its competitive advantage, its profit margin, and its productive structure.
  • Diagnosis of a company’s sustainability.
  • Models and tools for specialized sustainable management.
  • Service and assistance to members on the activities and culture of Sustainability.
  • Cooperation with other organizations in the implementation of projects for sustainable development.
* Planomia: the science that studies human behavior aimed at maintaining the vitality of the planet, and therefore the survival and healthy development of all its living species, through the proper use of scarce means, compatible and sustainable.