Our members & Associates

The members of PLEF are companies, institutions and individuals who have committed themselves to work for truly sustainable economic development.


They includes companies who are aware of the fact that they cannot limit themselves to practicing cause related marketing or single episodes of philanthropy. They know that to actually contribute to the welfare of the collectivity, it is necessary to place sustainability solidly at the center of their business strategy, and thus create real added value.


Our entrepreneurs, managers, experts and professional consultants come from many different sectors of the economy (commerce, manufacturing, distribution, finance, communication, the arts) and hold a pioneering vision of the changes ripping through the society as a whole. Along with PLEF they are researching and developing tools, projects, and events, to meet these changes.


And many knowledgeable and responsible individuals, private citizens, students, and volunteers, who wish to enjoy an improved quality of life, and the pleasures that nature and life itself offer, and therefore want to act in the first person by promoting sustainable choices.


Finally, public and private institutions, both national, and international who have paired with our Foundation because they share and work for similar goals.


(In accordance with the European laws regarding privacy the list of our associates is in the reserved section, accessible to those who are members of the Foundation.)